Dilip Shanghvi Net Worth 2020

Dilip Shanghvi Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

An Indian Businessman, who is considered to be one of the richest persons in the India and handles the operation of Sun Pharmaceuticals Company, is Mr. Dilip Shanghvi. This small town boy of Amreli has a net worth of $18.8 billion. He is also known for building the largest pharmaceutical company in the nation and the 5th largest generic drug manufacturer in the world, which generates the revenue of approximately Rs 16,000 crores from 25 manufacturing plants.


Dilip Shanghvi Biography

Dilip Shanghvi Biography:-  

A boy Born on October 1ST in the year 1955 in Amreli, Gujarat named Dilip Shanghvi. Today he is one of the richest persons in India. Dilip is the founder and managing director of Sun Pharmaceuticals who with his sheer dedication and smart hard work surpassed the richest Indian on the list i.e. Mukesh Ambani.

Dilip Shanghvi Education

He earned the Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Calcutta. He is an alumnus of J J Ajmera High School and Bhawanipur Education College, from where he completed his schooling and graduation.

His Early Life and Career

In his earlier times, he worked as a drugs distributor at Kolkata, and then he came up with a thought of manufacturing his own drugs instead of selling the products for others. He founded the Sun Pharmaceuticals in 1983 with only five psychiatry products. But today, it is nation’s largest drug maker and most valuable drug company. Dilip Shanghvi has also been named in the list of Asia’s top ten self-made billionaires. He acquired Caraco Pharma and Israel’s Taro Pharma with an aim of expanding Sun’s and also credited with Sun Pharma on 5th place in the global generic drugs market.

Recently, in February 2016, Mr. Shanghvi surpassed the richest person of India i.e. Mukesh Ambani. To define and add more adjectives to this man, his early life was full of struggles and failures. After the graduation, he moved to Amchi Mumbai with only 10k bucks and established Sun Pharma in 1982. In the very first year, he hit the Bull’s eye with the sales of INR 700,000. After seeing the immense growth, he soon borrowed some money to start the first manufacturing facility in Vapi, Gujarat with only 5 employees.  Shanghvi is in the list of one of the rare entrepreneurs in India who has started his business from scratch and builds it up to where it is today. Coming and starting from a humble background and manages to build a global business. Dilip now owns the largest pharmaceutical company in India and has been successful in turn-off other companies that were recording losses, starting with Caraco Pharma and then Taro Pharma.

He and his employees focused on the niche segment of psychiatry and neurology till 1993, and then reinvested the entire profit to start its own research center. He quickly made the decision to expand the drug portfolio and started making drugs for heart ailments, respiratory complications, and diabetes. The main basic idea was to focus on the chronic diseases and the gamble has really paid off. He knows the limitations of his company and did not tried to compete with the innovator drug companies due to financial and technical limitations. He majorly focused on incremental innovation through making improvements to original drugs to enhance their effectiveness.

On following the Policy of Grow, Buy and then again Grow, he made it. So, now you got the idea of Dilip Shanghvi Net Worth.

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