Azim Premji Net Worth 2020

Azim Premji Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

A philanthropist by nature, a tech tycoon and who is also known as the Czar of the Indian IT sector is none other than Azim Hashim Premji. Born on 24th of July in 1945 to Mohamed Hashem Premji in Mumbai is the one who currently is the chairman of an IT consulting company, Wipro Limited. Azim Premji has a net worth of $16.6 Billion. Mainly responsible for the enlightenment of IT consulting and system integration Wipro Limited through four decades from diversification to growth. Finally at last, he led successfully and made his company emerged as one of the global leaders in the Software Industry.


Azim Premji Biography

Azim Premji Biography

Azim Premji ranks third in the list of India’s richest Businessman and known to be a Business tycoon and a very smart investor too. The richest Indian business tycoon was born in Mumbai to a Gujarati Muslim Family, i.e. his ethnicity lies in the nerves of Gujarati. His father was the owner of a vegetable product company. Azim Premji is married to Yasmeen and the couple has two childrens, named Rishad and Tariq. Currently he is 70 years old and has led the company since 1966.

His father Hashim Premji incorporated Western Indian Vegetable Products Ltd which was based at Amalner, a small town in the Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. The company was used to manufacture cooking oil under the brand name Sunflower and a byproduct of oil manufacture resulted into a laundry soap called 787. On hearing the news of his father’s death, the then 21-year-old Azim Premji returned home from Stanford University, deeply rooted with his interest in engineering. He took charge of Wipro and diversified his father’s company to bakery fats, baby toiletries, lighting products, and hydraulic cylinders. The young entrepreneur realized the importance of the emerging IT field and took heavy advantage of the vacuum left by the IBM from India.

Azim Premji Leadership Style, life history.

His Leadership Skills are very impactful which has metamorphosed the INR 70 million company dedicated to hydrogenated cooking fats into a technology, process solutions and integrated business provider on a global platform. Today, his company Wipro Limited which is spread in over 50 countries generates more than $5 billion of revenue. According to a very popular magazine, Azim Premji was the second richest Indian with a personal wealth of more than US $ 17 billion in the year 2010. In the list of 20 most powerful men in the World, Azim Premji was selected and voted by Asiaweek.

According to the data sources provided, Azim Premji net worth is $16.6 Billion. His company’s IT division known as Wipro technologies ranks third among the largest software development company in India which generates the maximum revenue.  According to an annual survey conducted, it is the 9th most valuable brand in India. He is known for his modesty and frugality in spite of his wealth and still Azim Premji drives a Toyota Corolla and prefers to fly in an economy class.

Azim Premji University

In the Year 2001, for the humanity he founded with the name Azim Premji Foundation which is a non- profit Organization with a clear vision to eradicate the social and cultural boundaries in the education system. To contribute to systemic changes in the way of learning in the Indian education that facilitates in bringing an equitable and a sustainable society. In Operation since 2001, this Foundation has constantly been engaged with over 2.5 million children in 20,000 schools across 13 states through a committed workforce. The hundreds of paid volunteers and more than 250 professionals have joined hands and are working with this foundation. Mr. Azim was considered the “most generous Indian” in the year 2014, according to the Hurun India Philanthropy List.

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