Rahul Dravid Net Worth 2020

Rahul Dravid Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

Cricket is a game of gentlemen and the game has always provided people with some of the best gentlemen that the entire sports community has seen till date. And India being one of the most popular spot for cricket lovers, is no exception, the likes of Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar, have for years been the best gentlemen of the game. However, when it comes to the most gentle cricketer, the award would for sure go to the Wall of India, Rahul Dravid. Here, we would talk about Rahul Dravid net worth, salary, fees, income and earnings.


Rahul Dravid Net Worth

Rahul Dravid the Gentleman:

Surely believed to be one of the best captains of all times, Rahul Dravid is among the elite set of batsman who has been able to cross the 10,000 runs barrier in the one day international. He has also captained the Indian national team for a few matches. He is said to be one of those players who can keep his calm at the most challenging moment. Rahul Dravid has over the years established himself as one of the most prolific cricketers of all times. He has been felicitated with quiet a many awards and prestigious recognition all these helped the net worth of Rahul Dravid grow. Apart from cricket, Rahul Dravid has also been a prolific students of the nation. He is a qualified architecture University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), Bangalore. While continuing with his studies, Dravid was selected for the national cricket team. Dravid net worth has never stopped grown ever since then. Then were the years that has been a revolution in the life of the legend. He went on from a rookie to a pro in the game of cricket. His batting abilities and concentration has always been an area of appreciation for all the critics. The technique of the legend’s game is one of the most versatile that the game has ever seen. All these surely helped Dravid income and earnings to grow. The player was named the player of the year in the year 2004. Rahul Dravid is the first batsman to have scored centuries in all the test playing nations in the world. In the year of 2011, the legend decided to retire from the ODI and T20 matches, and in the year 2012,he retired from all the forms of international and first class cricket even when Rahul Dravid net worth was still mounting those days.

Rahul Dravid Earnings:

The main area of earning of the cricketer is surely playing in the national team. However, over the years Rahul Dravid income has also been with the help of the advertisements and the endorsements that he has been associated with. Also off lately, the IPL has opened up new opportunities to grow the net worth of Rahul Dravid. He is even still associated with the IPL and its from here that the veteran earns. The cricketer would always be remembered as one of the best test players of all time in the game of cricket.

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