Chetan Bhagat Net Worth 2019

Chetan Bhagat Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Well, the writing industry has not been something phenomenal in India, including the likes of authors, book stores and retailers. Specially talking about the authors who publish English books in India. The Indian public seems to have something against these authors as not many of these have succeeded in making it big, but then that being said, there have been authors like Khuswant Singh and Jhumpa Lahiri who have reached the apex of popularity in the very same field. Here we would be talking about another phenomenal author, Chetan Bhagat net worth, income, salary, fees, earning and such other details.


Chetan Bhagat Net Worth
Chetan Bhagat Education and Writing

Well, when someone has sold as many as 5 million copies of his book, there must be something phenomenal about his writing and for sure Chetan Bhagat has a different zeal to be among the best authors ever, which makes the net worth of Chetan Bhagat quiet high. This Indian reputed author whom the New York Times stated as the highest selling authors of all time in India is an alumni of the prestigious IIT Delhi and also did his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and has always been one of the notable students in the class. Chetan Bhagat salary was quiet high when he started of with his job. However, he switched on to writing quiet early in his career. After his first book, Five Point Someone, the author never looked back and has from then on been in the league of publishing some of the most well noted books of the nation emerging as the best English author that the nation boasts about. In the years to come he has written many other books like Three Mistakes of My Life, 2 States and many more. Many of his books have now been converted into some of the most prolific Bollywood movies of all time. The passing years have seen the IITan grow up way more popular as an intellectual speaker and author. The speaker and author has over the years grown his salary to one of the top most levels anyone can expect. The net worth of Chetan Bhagat has grown not only because of his writings, but also because of all the other activities he has been parts of like public speaking and also being judges of reality events. The popularity of this author is not limited to the fan base in India, but is well applauded by many staying out of the nation. The simple and lucid language of the author conveying and mentioning the day to day problems of an average Indian is something that is note worthy about the author being the sole reason behind his popularity and earnings.

Chetan Bhagat income sources:

Earning has never been tough for this elite student. There has been many Chetan Bhagat earning options, including the likes of public speaking, column writing for notable newspapers which include the likes of The Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar. However Chetan Bhagat income main source has been that of his books, which has earned him recognition and awards in the domestic level.

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