Apple MacBook Pro Fails To Make It To The Consumer Reports Recommended Lists, Owing To The Poor Battery Quality


After being criticized for removing the headphone jack from the latest i-Phone 7 and i-Phone 7s, it seems that the company is now sued by the customers for its battery. The latest MacBook Pro is the next in the list. The tablet has not received the recommended ratings when it comes to the battery life of the product. According to the Consumer Reports, the product, after having gone through various tests like that of performance, display and others. These tests show that the battery life of the laptop is not very consistent.

Consumer Reports Slams MacBook Pro For “Inconsistent” Battery

Picture Courtesy: CNET

Talking about the same issue, the senior vice president of the company said that these results do not match with the extensive tests that the company had done on the product, before launching the same. The vice president, Phil Schiller tweeted about the same stating that the company is working with the Consumer Reports to understand the type of test that they have executed. He further said that the results of the CR do not match with the results of the company tests or the field data.

According to the CR team, the test was conducted over a varied range of Apple Products, the 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro with and without the touch bar and also the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The CR team has also stated that they have tested the battery life over and over again and then averaged the results to come to a final score.

The report also said the battery of the product was very inconsistent from one test to the other. Citing one of such examples, the CR team posted that a 13-inch model without the Touch Bar had worked for 19.5 hours in one of the tests, while in the very next test, it was able to provide a battery backup of just 4.5 hours. This product was thus not featured among the recommended products by the CR team and thus this becomes the first apple product, to not have been included in the list.

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