Groupon Accounts Of Several Users Gets Hacked; Products Costing Thousands Of Pounds Stolen


The well known and reputed company, Groupon, is now under the scanner. Evidence are found of fraudsters, who have broken into the system and purchased products, from the other user’s accounts.

Users Seem Irritated With Groupon For Legitimate Reasons

Picture Courtesy: CNN Money

Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace that works to connect users to the sellers. The company is one of the most trusted international company and it operates in over 28 countries across the globe.

The company is now facing a dark phase. Hackers have hacked into the account of several users and bought expensive goods, using the account of the users have reported of having several thousands of pounds stolen from their account. The hackers have made some of the most horrendous loots from this company. One of the biggest loot is that of a whopping 2,420 pounds.

The social media are now filled with the users criticizing the company. Among the others, there was one user who complained that the hackers had hacked into the system at 4 in the morning and bought themselves an iPhone6. Another victim claims that a $3,000 European vacation was booked fraudulently from his account.

When discussed with the experts, the experts said that large companies should have their own fraud detection system. With the help of this system, the company must always keep an eye on large and costly purchases that are having different billing and delivery addresses.

Talking about the incident, Ilia Kolochenko, the chief executive of security company High-Tech Bridge stated that companies must have the anti-fraud system, that would help in the detection of the unusual behavior of the user and other suspicious activity.

A Groupon spokesperson, however, said that no hacker could break through the security of the website or the app. He further said that there are a number of ways by which the fraudsters can get the details of the user, namely malware, trojan attacks, spyware and others and he feels it is possible that the fraudsters received the details of the user, from these means.

Whatever may be the case, the people seem terribly irritated with the lack of support and assistance from the international company and complaints about the same have filled the social medias.

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