Tea-Seller Turned Money-Lender Possess Assets Worth 12 Crore


Ever since the days of demonetization has been into effect, there has been some of the weird news around. People from across the nation have seen some of the most unexpected people come up with larger sums of money that one can think of. The latest in line is a tea seller-turned-moneylender. The income tax officials have collected a total of 12 crore rupees from the tea seller.

12 Crores Assets In Cash, Jewelry, Silver Ingots And Others

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The officials, who were looking after the case, have been successful in collecting 1.45 crore in cash, out of which all but 40 lakhs were in new notes. Apart from this, the other items that the officials have seized are ornaments, silver ingots, gold jewelry and bullion. the price of these items ranged from 1.28 crore to 4.98 crores, the gold ornaments being the costliest.

An income tax officer stated about the same, saying that as much as an estimated 12 crore assets are seized from the tea seller-turned-money-lender and it is most likely that the amount might rise even higher as the investigation gets deeper. Although, the officials have disclosed other details, but they did not disclose the identity of the person from whom the assets were discovered.

It is also known that so far, as many as 13 bank accounts of the person has been opened and four more are found.

However, after the days of the demonetization, this is not the first time, that such bizarre news has come up. There has been news in the same aspect, ranging from bank officials to the ordinary tea-sellers, who have been found guilty in the illegal or suspected possession of money.

Many cases have floated where the suspects are said to have possessions of the new currency notes and this has raised concerns for the lawmakers, who had expected that the demonetization would bring an end to the black money in the market.

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