India Defeats Belgium To Wins Second Junior Hockey World Cup After 15 Years


The junior hockey team of India has made the nation proud after it was able to lift the world cup trophy after 15 long years. The scoreline was 2-1 after the final whistle, with India winning the finals against Belgium. The nation can now boast their second title in the Junior World Cup.

After 15 Years, India Wins World Cup Title In Style

Picture Courtesy: The Indian Express

The match had started off well for the home team. India was awarded 2 penalty corners, in the very first six minutes of the match. However, the team failed to make these opportunities count at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium, on Sunday. The audiences, however, did not have to wait for long to get the reasons to cheer for. In the eighth minute of the match, Gurjant Singh, scored the first goal in the match, with the help of a reverse hit from the left flank.

The first half of the match saw the home team in complete dominance in front of the amazing crowd in the stadium. However, they were not a tad less dominant in the second half. India went on winning back-to-back penalty corners, but each and everytime, they failed to convert the chances.

In the last few minutes, the Belgium team had given up all that they had in them to thrive for all that they could. The team was finally paid for the efforts. Van Bockrijck was able to score from a penalty corner, just 20 seconds before the completion of the regulation time.

With the conclusion of the game, the crowds went crazy. The cheers and excitement all round the stadium expressed the involvement of the crowd in the game.

In an earlier match on the same day, the third and fourth positions were determined. While Germany was able to win the third spot, Australia failed to earn any medal for themselves, as they finished 4th. The match had a scoreline of 3-0, in favor of Germany. Germany has won the tournament as many as 6 times.

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