Arnab Goswami ready to play second innings with his own venture


A few weeks back, there were a lot of discussions and debate doing the rounds, regarding the exit of the well-known journalist, Arnab Goswami, from Times Now. His fans and followers have for long waiting in anticipation, about what would be the next step from the veteran journalist. The journalist, who has surely given a new face to journalism with his great skills of debate and also powerful speeches, has finally announced his independent venture.

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Arnab was substantial in making the Times Now a popular and trusted news agency in India. He will now be starting off with his own venture. According to some of the trusted media outlets, Arnab has confessed that he is going to start off with his new venture which will be called Republic. Arnab also said that he would need the support of the people of the nation, to succeed in the new venture.

Arnab had resigned from the post of the editor-in-chief of Times Now, on 1st of November 2016. His last show in the channel was aired on 18th of November. It seems that Arnab had the plans set before he did quit the job, as it is within one month that he has come up with the new venture that would be his own venture.

Social Media Goes Crazy Over Arnab’s Come Back Venture

The social medias have gone crazy ever since the news has gone viral. A lot of people have been commenting about the same. While there are speculations that the venture might hit start on 26th of January and this is owing to the name of the venture, Republic. Social media fans and followers believe that it would be a good step if the venture is to hit start on 26th of January. However, one confusion that refuses to cease, is what form of a venture it would be. People are wondering on the type of the venture, whether it would be a news channel, a magazine, a newspaper or a news website. This is yet to be announced by Arnab or any trusted source. Till Arnab comes up with the details about the venture, it seems likely that the speculations will do the rounds.

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