Lucid Motors Air All Set To Start A New Era Of Electric Cars


In the recent years, it seems that intense research work is going on in the fields of cars and other automobiles to come up with the best mobility device in town. Lucid Motors, a California-based automobile start-up has come up with the new concept of electric cars.

Tesla Seems To Have A New And Strong Competitor

Picture Courtesy: Engadget

One of the first companies to bring up the concept of electric cars into a reality was Tesla. However, it seems that Lucid motors too is walking on the same footsteps. The company has recently launched a futuristic luxury car, called the Air.¬†According to the firm, the Air is the “new era of luxury mobility”.

The car is loaded with a battery which is capable of producing 1000 horsepower. Once charged, the vessel can move 4000 miles. It is also revealed that the electrifying of the car helps offer a great experience. The reason behind this, according to the company is that it understands the needs of the driver, the passengers, and the road. It further claims that the car is designed to give world class experience to the passengers and is also quite efficient.

Apart from the stated features, the car also has voice control for various facilities like navigation and music. Along with this, it comes with a mobile app, that would help for good measures. The 100kWh battery that the car is initially installed with, can be upgraded to a 130kWh battery. The car also can shift from 0-60mph, in just 2.5 seconds.

Talking about the production of the cars, the start-up stated that it would start the production of the cars from the next year in a factory in Arizona. However, the complete car can only be brought out in the market in the year 2018. The company expects the price of the cars to be around 100000 dollars.

The Tesla, which was one of the first electronic cars, was well accepted by the people. The car also had received good reviews by many users. With this new design and the new car, Lucid Motors is all set to woo the customers.

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