Uber Launches Self Driven Car, But Not For Long


While the self-driven car is assumed to be one of the most popular areas of research in the recent days, it seems that San Francisco is not yet ready for the change. Within 24 hours after the launch of the latest technology, by the leading international transport company Uber, the lawmakers of the state of California, has forced the company to pull down the service.

In a letter to Uber, the California Department of Motor Vehicle asks the transport company to take appropriate measures to ensure public safety. The letter also stated that if Uber does not stop its launch and ask for a test permit, then the Department of Motor Vehicle would seek legal action against the firm.

Self Driven Cars Taken Off The Street Hours After It Was Launched

Picture Courtesy: Business of Apps


Uber started with the self-driven car technology just a day earlier. The cars came along with a safety driver, but they could fully operate by themselves and without any human interference. However, a video of the car had gone viral on YouTube, where a self-driven car by Uber is seen running a red light in the city. Stating about the same, Uber said that it has gone through the initial investigations and the firm states that it is a human error.

In a blog by the company, the company stated that it is looking forward to improving the technology which will allow the company to improve the user experience. The company also acknowledged the fact that there is an ongoing debate on whether the company should come up with the testing permit or not, and the company feels that it does not need the testing permit.

This is not the first time that the company has been amidst a controversy. Earlier this year, the company was also questioned for an update that it had brought about where the passengers would be tracked even after the journey was complete. There had also been another legal issue owing to the passenger details in the past. The company has been in the news for the bad reasons for quite some time now and owing to the distress and the problems that the passengers have experienced from time to time, it is possible that the company might experience a dip in the number of customers.

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