Samsung Galaxy S8 Set To Remove Headphone Jack


Samsung has for long been accused of stealing ideas from Apple and the two leading smartphone companies have been through many legal issues. It appears that the South Korean company is all set to copy another key feature of the latest smartphone by Apple, namely the i-Phone 7. After the California-based company had come up with the latest handsets, there has been quite a fuss from many of the customers, who complained about not having a headphone jack. However, it seems that Samsung too is riding on the same footsteps.

Samsung Flagship Phone To Remove Headphone Jack

Picture Courtesy: Mirror

Picture Courtesy: Mirror

According to sources, the company is looking forward to removing the headphone jack in the upcoming Galaxy S8, which is supposed to release next year. According to the company, the Galaxy S8 is all set to be released in the month of February 2017, at the Mobile World Congress Trade Show. The flagship mobile is supposed not to have any 3.5mm headphone jack. The mobile is supposed to use the USB-C charging point as the audio output. This simply means that if somebody wants to listen to music and charge the mobile at the same time, the person will have to get a Bluetooth headset.

However, although it would be a problem for the users, but then it would be less as compared to the iPhone. The reason behind the same is just that like Galaxy S7, it is most likely that the smartphone will have the wireless charging facility.

The iPhone 7 had raised concern among the people, when it was first unveiled, however, with the passing days it seems that the users have stopped complaining about the same and they say that it has become a non-issue for them now. Getting rid of the headphone jack was substantial for the company, as it could include a larger battery, make the handset water resistant and also helped improve the vibration feedback of the handset.

Thus, although there were mixed reactions of the iPhone 7, it would be really interesting to see how the users react to the Galaxy S8 removing the headphone jack.

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