Instagram Adds New Features That Are Well Received By The Users


The social media apps are almost a necessity these days. People all across the world are able to connect with people from various parts of the world. Among some of the most well-known social networking apps, the other is Instagram. Instagram has finally come up with two new features, that the users have been waiting for long. The two features are, to turn off comments on any individual post, while the second is to like any comment on a post.

Instagram Finally Comes With The Two Changes That Uses Have Been Waiting For

Picture Courtesy: Digital Trends

Picture Courtesy: Digital Trends

The two new features have been a demand of the users for long. Talking about the changes, Kevin Systrom, the CEO of the company in a blog post stated that although comments are the most used source of discussion on Instagram, some comments are not really kind or welcome. He further said, that at times the user wants to stand on their own post. Thus, these users now have the option to change their settings to stop comments on a single post.

The second feature, talking about one liking a comment, Systrom said that by liking a comment one shows that one is supporting and encouraging positivity throughout the community. Thus, this happens to be a key update.

To use the first update, that is to stop getting comments on a particular post, the user can use the Advance Settings option and from there choose the “Turn Off Commenting” option.This will prevent people from commenting on the post.

However, this is not the first time that Instagram has tried to stop the use of unkind and unwelcomed comments. In the month of September, Instagram had come up with the keyword moderation tool. The Keyword moderation tool automatically blocked contents that had certain pre-defined keywords in them. Apart from that, Instagram has also come up with the option to report for self-injury. This option can be used when one sees that a friend needs help. They can directly and anonymously report the same.

Like most of the previous updates by the company, this too is well-received by the users, who have taken on to the twitter handle to express the same. These updates will, however, be available to all the users in a few weeks.

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