Prolonged Stay In The Space Affecting The Eye Health Of The Astronauts

To become an astronaut might be the dream of many youths of the nation, but there is a hell lot that an astronaut has to go through. Being an astronaut is not an easy job. There is a great deal of physical and mental tussle that the astronauts have to go through. The human body reacts adversely to the stay in the space over a prolonged period of time. More than half of the astronauts, who have travelled to the outer space have reported visual problems. These problems mainly include the likes of partial visual impairment or blurry visions. For years, researchers have been going round, trying to bring out the reasons behind the same. Finally, now it seems that the researchers have come out with the conclusion.

Astronauts Health Now A Concern

Picture Courtesy: Coffee Table Science

Picture Courtesy: Coffee Table Science

The reason behind the astronauts facing such problems as stated by the researchers is that the pressure which forms on the liquids in the brain deforms the eyeballs and that has a permanent effect on the health of the astronauts. The eyeballs of the astronauts, who have a long stay in the outer space are flattened, as a result of which there is an inflaming in the optic nerves, causing the various problems as noticed by the researchers.
The lead author of the study, Noam Alperin said that people couldn’t make out anything of it, till 20100, when some astronauts came up with severe structural changes that were not fully reversible. According to Noam, problems arise mostly from the CSF, also called the cerebrospinal fluid. This liquid helps to prevent the brain from any change in pressure.
NASA had previously stated that 68 ounces of fluid shifts from the legs of astronauts to the head if the astronauts are having an extended stay in the outer space. The huge pressure affects the brain and the eyes.
However, although NASA and many researchers now know about the problem, there is not much that the institutions can do about the same. The only way to prevent this is an effective antigravity system, which would take quite some time to be there in reality.

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