Apple Earns 8.5 Billion Profit In The Third Quarter; Owning 91% Of Global Profits


Apple has been showcased supreme dominance in the smartphone profits, with more than 90% shares in the same. While according to reports, the global profits of the smartphone industries had reached a total of 9 billion dollars in the second last quarter of the year. Apple leads the chart of the same, with as much as 8.5 billion operating profit, which rounds off to 91% of the total profit percentage.

Picture Courtesy: Return Of Kings

Picture Courtesy: Return Of Kings

The next in line after the mammoth 8.5 billion profit by the monster, comes the Huawei, Vivo and Oppo, all of them having earned 0.2 billion dollar profits. However, Huawei leads the table ahead of the two others. It has captured 2% of the entire smartphone profits and has been able to claim the second spot overall, as explained by Linda Sui, who is the director at Strategy Analytics, the company which has published the reports.

Apple has recently seen the growth of the sale of its products in 33 markets among the top 40 of its own.

Sui also explained that Apple’s ability to low down on its costing and maximise the pricing is impressive. He further states, that it is just the secret behind the great benefits that Apple is able to generate from its products. Talking about the other companies that had featured in the list, Sui said that the other companies have been able to make their mark, because of the efficient marketing, the great supply chain and the sleek products.

It was interesting as well as astonishing for many, that Samsung had not been listed in the list. However, the same can be attributed to the scrapping of the Note 7 flagship smartphone by the company. Apart from Samsung, another well-known company, which might have featured in the list is Lenovo, even after owning the Moto brand the company is yet to make it within the top 5 profit earners in the world and thus they did not feature in the list.

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